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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

  1. 1. Can the Chapter raise funds? What are the restrictions?

    Yes, the Chapter can raise funds provided that they involve themselves in fund raising programs that will not jeopardize the name of the Full Gospel such as joining certain marketing scams and the like. Usually, the Chapter members themselves give their pledges so they can contribute to the Chapter’s revolving fund.

  2. 2. What is the purpose of the 500.00 Chapter dues and the 300.00 Convention Dues?

    The 500.00 pesos monthly Chapter due is the Chapter’s commitment to the National Office. Some Chapters have even committed to give more than the required monthly due. The National Office does not get any International Funding. Our Operational fund primarily comes from the membership dues, chapter dues and pledges from the Board of Trustees. The 300.00 Convention dues on the other hand is a seed money to fund and help the Chapter or Chapters hosting the Annual National Conventions.

  3. 3. What if someone registers or joined FGBMFI in the middle of the year?

    If someone joins in the middle of the year, the computation of his membership fee for that specific year is on a pro-rata basis. Thus, he will pay the required fee of 1,000 pesos upon renewal in January of the following year. (eg. Joined on June 1, Computation: (1000÷12mos.) x 7 months remaining till December = 583.33)

  4. 4. What if the speaker did not make an altar call, how do we get the statistics?

    It is important to furnish the speaker a copy of the Guidelines in sharing ones testimony during the time of invitation and make sure he has read and understood the conditions stated therein. This will give him an idea that we are giving priority to soul winning. Hence, if he still fails to do an altar call, the chapter should assign someone to do the altar call right after the prayer or after the sharing of the testimony while the crowd is still in a prayerful mode. In the same way, the assigned member should follow the 3 steps suggested in the Guidelines.

  5. 5. Is it really important to get the statistics for souls saved?

    As a matter of record, this is the only way the National Office can detect if the chapter is still running with the vision of the Full Gospel. Likewise, it is the only way the chapter can gauge whether the event had been fruitful or not. It is important to distribute the Decision Cards religiously, so the chapter can get a record of the respondents and be able to follow them up.

  6. 6. May we invite politicians (like the Mayor, Governor, etc.) to give a message during a Big Event?

    Possibly one politician like the Mayor can give a very brief welcome message during an event. It is not necessary to allow all of them to speak in one event, as we don’t want the crowd to suspect of any political agenda behind our fellowship. We are an apolitical organization our members are free to choose any political party or candidate. FGBMFI sticks to the vision of winning souls for the Lord regardless of their political status.

  7. 7. Can pastors be invited as speakers?

    Pastors may be invited as speakers for as long as they will share their testimony instead of preaching. Just the same, they should be given the guidelines upon invitation. Thus, Pastors should be invited as speakers for only a period of time (possibly once in every 4 events in a year) as we don’t want the people to misconstrue the chapter with a specific church.

  8. 8. How long before we receive the IDs?

    ID’s are processed after submission of Membership form, payment of Membership due and a 2x2 photo. We need to collect at least 10 members with complete requirements before we can send the IDs for printing. Usually this will take 2-3 weeks. Please advise the members to send pictures that are clear and presentable so there won’t be any problem with the printing which may cause delay in the processing. The ID cards are usually delivered to the Chapter President.

  9. 9. May we do away with the Offering?

    The offering is usually added to the Chapter’s operational fund, thus if the chapter have raised enough funds to cover for the expenses, its better to forgo the collection of offering during the Dinner Fellowship. Some of the existing chapters have decided not to take any offering in any of their meetings or Fellowships. Some even have the faith to not collect payments for dinner tickets of unbelievers. The chapter members normally ask for sponsorship or give their pledges instead of collecting payments for meal tickets.

  10. 10. Are we allowed to solicit to augment our funds?

    Chapters are allowed to solicit if they are going to release a Souvenir Program or sponsor tickets for a certain event. Solicitations should not be done very often as this may bring a bad impression among the people we are trying to reach out.

  11. 11. What’s the difference between a Chapter meeting and a Dinner Fellowship?

    Breakfast/Luncheon/Dinner Fellowships are usually the big events conducted by the Chapter with a distinguished guest speaker to share his powerful testimony. This is usually done monthly or quarterly. On the other hand, Chapter meetings are conducted weekly. This is normally attended by Chapter members where they spend time in prayer, fellowship and planning for their activities. Sharing time is very brief, just a simple exhortation or encouragement by a spiritual adviser.

  12. 12. Is it ok if majority of the members are coming from 1 church only?

    One indication if the chapter has strayed OFF course is if it has become an auxiliary of a single church or denomination. If majority of the members are coming from 1 church is just alright provided that the officers come from different denominations and there are still other members coming from either 3 or 4 denominations.

  13. 13. Are we required to attend conventions?

    Attending functions like the Convention is not a requirement among the members. They can attend at their own course and willingness. Hence, the Chapter Presidents & Field Representatives are required to attend Conventions and Annual Meetings (usually takes place the day before the Opening Banquet). This is the time for annual election of National Officers and Board of Trustees. Likewise, it is only this time that the Chapter Presidents all over the country meet and fellowship together. In the absence of the Chapter President, a duly authorized representative may attend in his behalf.

  14. 14. May we devise programs to follow up the respondents during altar calls?

    The National Office will be releasing Training Module 2. Items in this video include materials in following up the new believers. Meanwhile, the chapter can organize activities to follow up the respondents during altar calls like visitations, Dinner Fellowships specifically for the respondents and others. It is advisable that a member (not a pastor) discusses during this time. You may expound on the material “Now that you have Received Christ” as a start of the Follow-up meeting.

  15. 15. Do we have projects pertaining to social awareness and concern?

    The Chapter can organize a prison ministry, feeding program, medical missions, Value formation training and others provided that the Chapter does not deviate with the vision of the Full Gospel which is Soul winning in breakfast/luncheon/dinner fellowships. Our priority is still bearing fruits through the use of our powerful testimonies.

  16. 16. May we invite female speakers?

    It is better to reserve female speakers to the Ladies of the Fellowship’s meetings. We have several male speakers with powerful testimonies or possibly invite couples to share in your events.

  17. 17. Why don't you limit FGBMFI chapter membership to Christian laymen to avoid biases among Pastors who are existing members?

    As previously discussed, pastors may become members or spiritual advisers. To avoid biases, the chapter’s spiritual advisers should not be dominated by pastors of one church only. We don’t want any chapter to be mistaken as an affiliate of a specific church. In addition, it is advisable for pastors to just freely allow the laymen to grow in their ministry without any unnecessary interference from them.

  18. 18. If a pastor becomes a member, does it automatically mean he is considered a spiritual adviser?

    Not necessarily. A pastor can be a spiritual adviser or a plain member. The group is given the prerogative to choose their spiritual advisers provided that they follow the guidelines stated on #17. In addition, no spiritual adviser should be encouraged to impose any doctrinal issues that may cause division among the members. FGBMFI has its distinct Doctrinal Statements and the organization should not focus on any minor doctrinal differences but stick to its primary goal on soul winning.

  19. 19. How much do we pay for a lifetime membership?

    We have done away with the lifetime membership as it brought negative effect on the organization in the past. Christians suffer from difficult times and some tend to lose sight of their purpose and go back to their old life. It’s just not proper for individuals to claim full membership even if they are already living a wayward life. Nevertheless, a member can file for 2 or more years of membership provided that he pays the regular dues required per year.

  20. 20. How much time do we allocate to our speaker who shares his life testimony, (minimum-maximum)?

    A speaker is given a maximum of 1 hour to share his testimony. We don’t want to detain the crowd for a longer period of time as we don’t want to overuse their level of absorption. Our desire is for them to digest the message fully.

  21. 21. What are the chapter’s responsibilities in inviting a distinguished speaker?

    The chapter is responsible for the transportation, accommodation and food of the speaker. There are speakers who do not collect fees but the chapters are encouraged to give love gift offering to an invited speaker.

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